Friday, January 3, 2014

On Purdah

This is not a critic on wearing purdah (that covering that makes a gal looks like a ninja) and really is not on religious. The Yemens cover it and you get the impression the face is almost holy. 'I choose only my loved ones to see my face' kinda. Awesome choice.

The only religious statement I am going to make about the purdah is below:

They couldn't agree if this is just culture or religious practice. But it is said if you're beautiful, cover it.

That's it. The other part of this blog is more on human behavior thingy and you know... the things that pops up in my awesome mind. Trust me, lots of awesomnest. It's just not for public view.

Now the purdah's function is obviously to minimize unwanted attention. Though you would get a lot of attention in places that doesn't have that many people wearing it but the kind of attention is different. It's more curiosity.

The attention we don't want is (for example) something like someone gawking at you, drooling and imagining some really odd stuff in their head with your face in it.

I imagine i'd feel violated if I found out about it. Mind reading ain't that fun that ways.

Anyway... back to the main point (which I haven't really put on the table yet).

Now if we were being tourists and taking pictures of ourselves with some awesome settings of the himalaya, or winning a gold medal at the game of "win or DIE!!!" where losers end up dying and the winner gets a photo of him/herself winning... you'd want your face to be in the photo, right? So you can look back at it one days and smile, maybe show your kids, tell your friends and even... I dunno... 180 years later get displayed in the museum (i had to google on how to spell that. gah!).

kan? I mean... that's why you take photos kan?

So I am guessing you already guessed where I am heading with this, you smart reader you. As a point, let's look at the picture below:

*feel* my point or no?

"So yeah it was awesome!! I took a picture with abby abadi!!! here's the proof right here! See, I'm the leftest there!".

"uh... huh"

I understand for some people it's like writing a secret super encrypted diary. You jolt stuff down stuffs to express your thoughts and memories but you really don't care if someone can't read it's content.

But for photos, there's a feeling of disconnection when u get hidden like this. I know I'd feel disconnected if I see one of a group picture where everybody seems to be screaming happiness and my face was covered by someone's hand. It's like... I can't connect to the photo because of that.

I know I was there. I remember I was there. I remember the feeling. But the photo... flawed.


So photos with purdah do make me wonder. I guess I have to be someone who wears a purdah to understand. Maybe after you get used to the purdah, it becomes a part of you and there wont be a feeling of disconnection.

If so, the next question would be... if i were a gal wearing a purdah, would I feel annoyed if someone's hand end up covering my face in the photo?


  1. finally ,get to read your blog. campus server problem.pfft.

    anyway, great final question!
    never thought about it.

    i am puzzled to see those who married wearing purdah, and put on fake eyelashes and make up around the eye.

    maybe we get used to the idea of photo and face. and wanted to be seen. maybe.

    1. o yeahhh... heavy make up at the eyes... that is another odd thing.

      *gives up*

  2. Hey..that was me..i am the one right next to know the one wearing black with face all covered..see me now?


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