Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cool Story Bro

I just found out a rather interesting about my parttime-officemate. Part time because he's based somewhere else and occasionally would appear here.


He screenshot-ed  a really long FB post from his junior, ranting about some MLM thing and I couldn't make heads or tails of the thing even after reading it twice. The english wasn't too bad but things like "some of friends was trauma and panic because of that" does make you wonder if we're talking about a group of people selling super-health food or an illegal weapons dealer ring suddenly finding a nuke in their stock. Nobody wants to sell a nuke.

It took Oi-san 4 re-reads to get what the dude was rambling about. Now Oi-san is a pretty smart fella (though not smart in terms of time management. but smart). So after seemingly getting the 'eureka! this is what this dude is saying!' moment, he commented there "Cool story, bro".

So I asked him, what is so cool about it?


oh the rant is about an MLM "leader" telling his kids to not tell they are in the group until they've worked their way up. That's just about 2 or 3 sentences. The last infinite number of sentences later was questioning why it should be this way.

and probably about their reaction when one of them found a nuke in their stock.


  1. Sorry, bro, but I still dun get it.

  2. kononnya retired. haha.

    maybe re-tired, now re-lax and maybe later2 re-try.

    or re-boot. whichever re's best.

  3. And I thought I just lost you.

    Good to be reading you again


  4. hey Cinta, always good to hear from you.


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