Saturday, January 28, 2012


My brother came back from Medan awhile back and at one time three of us got together and talked till 3am. The only one missing from this session was the eldest.

The topics varied from religion, our ancestors to ghosts n goblins.

So at one point it came to our old house. The old british-era house complete with a chimney that no santa could squeeze through and considering the haunting in that place, santa would put 'all naughty kids' so he can pass our place.

The house was huge and the area around the house is huger (saja je ni). Kids can play soccer at each side around the house. Yes it's that big. I know, my mom loves plants and I have to water the plants sometimes. So I KNOW it's HUGE.

We recalled some of the odd stuff about the house. Hearing mom calling and me, running and shouting 'yes mom!!' to the other side of the house, up a stair and finding out nobody was around. Once someone clapped behind me and when I turned around nobody was there. The ones before us had it worst, someone would grab their foot when they go up the stairs. Creepy music and stuff.

Scary house kan?

My brother told us that at one time he literally got kicked out of the house just after sundown by our mother (her temper was legendary then). As he was recovering from mom's super karate kick, two pocong came rolling from the side of the house.

I don't know why but one of the craziest advice a malay would tell you is that when you see something supernatural, don't say a thing and ignore it. Freddy Kruger coming towards you with claws? Hush! Count Dracula?! HUSHHHH!! Local horror movies are probably about people who didn't take this advice seriously.

Brother took this advice. The two pocong went vertical, and turned at him. Mom was still shouting at the door. He looked at the pocongs, he looked at mom who was about to close the door.  Wisely he decided a mexican standoff with the pocongs and didn't try to run back into the house.

Mom's waaaaaaaaay scarier.

**  Oh... the ending is that the pocongs went their way. And my brother came back in after 20 minutes or so. He never told me this till last month.


  1. when mom is waaaaay scarier than pocong. i can't imagine. lol :D

  2. Your brother is made of tough stuff. To think he could actually contemplate as to which is scarier???? Your house sounds like fun ;) i used to live in one of those government quarters back then too

  3. was reading this halfway in my bed last nite and menyesal sbb time tu sorang2.. continue balik baca this morning :P

  4. @capang . dia cikgu garang. hehe.

    @Cinta . for some reason government quarters memang scary kan. i think dulu2 memang govment make buildings with horror movie directors as consultants.

    @amy . o come on. it's not that scary la. not like the time i was in the bathroom and my kid told me he wont come in until i take out 'kain putih' at the bathroom window. (hint: there is no kain putih at the bathroom window.)


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