Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shake It Like Dato Shake

There are not many singers I can remember from my younger years. Of course one of the reason is that I never did bother to remember names. 

But I remember Dato' Shake. Yes it's really hard to forget a name like that. Datin Roll (next week after you read this pun you'd remember this name i just made up.). I remember the song, i remember the tune, i annoyed my parents requesting it played over and over and over and over and over and over and over...
and over again.

And those days having someone replay a particular song over and over and over (ok i'll cut it out) using a cassette player is really heavy on the patience. Wow, my parents were so patient then. hehe.

Another thing I realize looking at his vids in youtube is that when you have a good voice and song, you can get away dancing in front of millions of people wearing something you've stole from a Ultraman's MAT uniform.

And here's the Shake. In Ultraman's MAT uniform:

80's kids are so lucky.  20 years later I still don't understand what he's saying.

You know I love you. ; )


  1. You and I must be sharing the same era! I used to catch Dato Shake on TV back then too. Wonder what's happened to him these days? One of my other favorites was Dahlan Zainudin ... wonder what's up with him too?

    Ahhh ... those were the days. You really brought some nostalgia!

  2. shake's still singing, wenny. though in french by the looks. i found his site today datoshake.com. his voice seems to have improved.

  3. I u nderstand and speak simple Fre nch.. But to understand a French song as it was sung.. Too difficult ..

  4. i listen to this french song like i used to listen to japanese and hindustani songs.

    no idea what they say and after finding out one japanese song meaning, am glad to not know at all.

  5. I heard of this guy but never got to listen to his songs until today. Sounds like a colourful character. I am just wondering - where do all these Malaysian yesteryear singers go? In UK, the likes of Engelbert, Elton, Rod and Tom Jones come over to Malaysia to play to sellout baby boomer crowds.


  6. they either end up jadi tukang azan like amy search, sleep in a fridge(like ella), retire or keep on singing like the shake here.

    ok i have no idea or really care. hehe.

  7. I used to like his Lina song. Would listen to it over and over and over. :-)Lina..kini ku bahagia

  8. there's still one song i cant find in youtube. cant even remember the name. or tune. but i'll know when i hear it.

  9. oui je sais

    Like he's born french. But of course you TD wouldnt have any idea if he mispronounced pun kan? :P

  10. 'course i'd know. if i see those frenchies get fried during one of his concert, i'm sure he said something that sound odd.

    by the way, orang terengganu is very suitable to learn french.


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