Friday, February 24, 2012


I was at my first celebration of the Prophet's birthday yesterday. Done in al-Jenderami which was close by. I was not able to go to any events earlier and it was almost a relief to be able to go at this one.

It was fun. There is a march(?) around the area with the locals there giving out drinks and snacks to guests marching along. Dates, cakes, crackers and fruits. By the time the march ended, I had a rather full tummy. Yeah I kinda snacked a lot there. hehe.

The march was headed by the headmaster of al-Jenderami wearing something of a Javanese henchmen/pirate clothes. Complete with thick fake mustache and pose. This is a person usually seen in white robe and stuff.

And there was teh tarik! God bless these people.

The rather unease I felt was that I arrived a tad too early and some of the great guest scholar there just came out of an event before that. I do get an uneasy feel around them. The thief being around a police kinda feel.

Now now, TeaD, what have you been doing eh?

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