Saturday, February 18, 2012

One Of My More Interesting Days

*religious argument ahead. and me really not caring about grammar.*
Occasionally I get people saying the weirdest things and I am so just curious how in the world does one end up thinking that. So here's from my FB and asking for a different approach at this argument.

yes i had my vader mask on. pish posh.

*fixed: more readable size i hope. it seems blogger doesn't like posting a longggg picture so it resizes it automagically. *


  1. macam sammy velloo ni terer sastera

  2. sangat kecik...xboleh baca ooo..

  3. lol! gosh this is embarassing.

    thanks for pointing that out, veryladylike.*facepalm of embarassment*. hehe. lemme update that with the human eye version. i was using the microscope version hehe.

  4. dottie, tak nampak? alamatnya panjang umur.

    now dah nampak... laaaagi panjang umur.

  5. not all can afford a microscope. thanks for the bigger version.

    I was just wondering, gamba apa la yang dia nak share sangat dengan you tu..

  6. i was having several guesses and since its coming from a guy... wasn't hard to not risk it. ehehehehe.

    now if it's a gal...............

  7. nawwww TD, that's a gender discrimination. It's illegal. :P

  8. Something is missing from the mind of your so called linguist debate opponent.

    Interpreting Quran is NOT solely connected to the Arabic language know-how. It's about being Arab even though you are not an Arab. Arab cultures need to be taken into account. We have to interpret Quran from the eyes of an Arab. This is the main problem with a particular religion whose original scripture was in Hebrew but now being interpreted in the eyes of a Roman named John.

    That man doesn't have to dissect the entire Arab words so that the pieces suit his shallow interpretation. It is obvious he was quoting from a book or a misleading particular article. He didn't learn formal Arabic too. I learned Arabic. So shut up. This thing has been going around not only in Quran interpretation, but also in Bahasa Melayu.

    Everyone wants to be smart.

  9. hey i wanna be smart too!

    i think he's just delusional. no argument going to get through unless he let go of that.

  10. Assalam'alykum w rahmatullah

    Prayers for Allah's mercy and peace. Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt. If it is about Paul of Tarsus... If not mistaken, He was not a Roman. He is a Hebrew with Roman nationality but he thinks that the gentiles should also be included within the Covenant. He suddenly gets a vision of Jesus and began to turn to the teachings of Jesus just after the 'Crucifixion' event. Before his repentance, he was a staunch enemy of Jesus.

    Arabs were not evil in general. If we neatly read the history of prophethood in Meccan period, we could see the opposition between spiritualism and materialism. Those 'noblemen' of Arabian Peninsula were harsh toward 'slaves' and poor people. Although prophet Muhammad s.a.w was raised from among noble family but he sided with those who were oppressed. There is no such thing as evil race. Perhaps we should not rely too much on 'sick' Orientalist texts. They are just ordinary human-being. They are not deity to be followed on their words.

    Briefly about translating and interpreting, both of them look like the same but they are actually two different things. Interpretation of texts require commentaries which includes the interpreter ideas. On the other hand, translating has several methods and ethics. Your interpretation and translation could also serve your ideology.

    A nice post dear brother but this kind of people should be given the chance to show how 'smart' they are. Let them think whatever they wanted to think. Nobody lose like your last word in the print-screen, hehehe. I am glad to see your site again. Wishing you a nice weekend and Allah bless brothers and sisters : ) Thank you.

  11. wa alaikumussalam warahmatullah, brother.

    he has his follower(s) and that is one of my concerns.

    anyway, thank you for your reply. have a good weekend too and may Allah increase you in blessings as well.

  12. waaa...besar ardy..well, even im not in the same boat here..i think i love how u end the conversation if it is..i dont lose anything except u who miss it.


  13. Now I'm confuse after reading your FB chatting... from my understanding Quran is just one in Muslim... why the interpretation got so many versions..?! becoz of the different school of scholars...? mmmnn....

    1. one of the reason is that for Arabic,like english, some word has different meaning. like 'mean', it could mean mean, or mean. or just simply meaning mean. ehehe.

      so it would take a bit more than just reading it to find out what a verse applies to. you have to consider context, when the verse was revealed, explanation by the Prophet and etc.

      scholars does give different opinion to the meaning of some verses and other scholars would also read that and depending on how sound the opinion is, it would be or not be considered applicable.

      of course, this is quiz memory and my apology if i missed huge points. but i'm sure u'll find it in your current studies, PS. :)

    2. Will try to but sad to know that these people really can't sit down and have a same understand to avoid such misinterpretation.... one source but so many versions.. of coz we the one who so called not expertise will be the victim.. :(

    3. oh they do, PS. the problem is when someone comes over and just skips the requirements and discipline and make up their own understanding. a blind man just jumping into conclusion on how the elephant looks like.


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