Monday, February 27, 2012

The Sweetest Spring

I'm bracing for some huge storm... this seems to play in my head over and over. A supplication for one who is always in need.

The Sweetest Spring

Allah, O Compassionate, O Merciful, O King, Whose gifts are immense.O Trancendent,
purify my soul and grant us the greatest of openings
O Flawless, O Faithful,
remove my fear
O Guardian, O Mighty,
raise my station
O Compeller, O Majestic, O Creator, O Maker,
i trust in Your bounty
O Former, O Oft Forgiving, O Dominant, O Bestower,
the rain of Your blessings always pours
O Provider, O Opener, O All-knowing,
Whose blessings and bounties are universal
O One Who contracts and expands,
grant us what is desired
O One Who lowers and raises,
be our support
O One Who honors, O One Who humbles,
bestow me with honor
O All-Hearing, O All-Seeing,
protect me
O Judge, O Just,
treat us with generosity
O Subtle, O Aware,
remove our hardships
O Forbearing, O Magneficent, O All-Forgiving, O Appreciative, O Most High, O Greatest, O Preserver, O One Who Nourishes, O Reckoner, O Majestic, O Generous, O Watchful, O Responsive, O Vast,
broaden my perception
O Wise, O Affectionate,
purify my heart
O Glorious, O One Who Resurrects,
raise my ambition
O Witness, O Truth
focus my heart's direction
O Guardian, O All-Powerful
strengthen my certainty
O Firm, O Protector,
help us
O Praised One, O Counter,
rectify our affairs
O Originator, O Restorer
make our hearts tranquil
O Giver of life, O Taker of life
rectify our hearts
O Living, O Everlasting
deliver us from all distress
O Possesor of everything, O Magnificent,
realize our hopes
O One, O Unique - Almighty and most Majestic -
O Peerless, O Eternal
rectify our affairs
O Powerful, O Possessor of all power,
remove all sadness
O Promoter, O Delayer,
be our support
O First, O Last,
save us from harm
O Manifest, O Hidden,
rectify what is manifest and what is hidden
O Ruler, O Most Exalted
treat us well
O Oft-Returning,
turn to us and defend us from our enemies
O Avenger, O Pardoner, O Kind,
forgive those who have remorse
O Master of the Kingdom,
give me what I wish for
For You are the Possessor of Majesty and Munificence
O Equitable, O Who Unites,
gather for me all goodness
O Self-Sufficient, O Enricher,
multiply our reward
O Preventer, O Punisher,
deliver us from distress
O Bringer of Benefit,
benefit us, for in You we place our hopes
O Light,
enlighten us and guide us, O Guide
O Originator,
rectify my inner and outer state
O Everlasting, O Inheritor, O Upright, O Patient
bestow us with more than we desire
from every good in this life, and in the hereafter
and increase and multiply Your ample divine gifts

show us affection, O Compassionate
and show us kindness, O Generous

we ask You for this by the chosen one, the best of all people, the pure, the one with the highest station, and the illuminated radiant face, posessor of the highest rank and the beautiful scented reputation and the most noble interceder in the sight of the Originator.

May Allah's salutations be upon him, and his noble family and companions, and those who follow him sending them greetings at all times, and all praise belongs to the Compassionate forever and ever.

Part of a composition by Al Habib Omar.


  1. Hope you'll get over the storm, safe and sound. Chill, brader!

    1. thanks mucho2, sis. how bout an after storm party?

  2. i just notice "a(nother)" since i usually read in google readers.

    how bout dancing through the storm?

  3. i guess it's still better then 'tea done'. ;)

    some storms u wade through. some storm u push back.

    this storm here is where you plant yourself deep and hope you don't get blown away.

    the most i can do is munch some biscuits while i'm at it.

  4. darn. i gotta get used to that reply button down there.

    1. Thats what I told SPD. Been replying stail lama gak. Din u use disqus... diskas... discos???

      Well anyways, life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning to dance in the rain. Think someone has mentioned it up there about dancing or something....


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