Saturday, March 3, 2012


It's like planning to send your resignation letter, telling HR about the plan and then after a few days found out HR already told everybody you're leaving.

You're still in the company. Among the people you work with. Eating the same food n stuff.

but. just. not. quite. anywhere.

and you still haven't drafted the bloody resignation just yet.

hi awkward. i'm teaD. just lemme clear up my cubicle to give you more space.


  1. i would like to a have a(nother) cup of pulled tea, please. :)

  2. You are tead.. Aw ... They dislike you so much ha.. You can ignore them afterall you have not submit the letter.. If they force ou without the letter.. Saman mereha ha ha ha

    1. hahaha. not that they dislike me but i'm sure they are as awkward around me as i am around them. and resignation tu perumpamaan je. cant saman2 anybody around here.


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