Saturday, March 17, 2012

Maybe I Should Write

Entrepreneur articles often talk on doing stuff you are passionate about. Finding that thing you love to do and do it to make a living. Basically if you love something enough, you wont mind the ugly head of the leviathan named details-repetitiveness-headaches-gettingscrewed-screwingandfeelingguilty-wakingUpNotKnowingWhatYouReDoing when it comes out of the water to have a bite.

But I cant be a gigolo, can I. kidding.


So lately I have been asking myself what is it that I really want to do. I'm okay with my current job now but I there's gotta be something more out there.

Then I remembered at 17 I wanted to write. A novel. Of course my english then was better and more mainstream in style (thank you school!). My mind was a wee bit more focused then and I knew a lot less. So when I talk I don't spit out rocket science or explaining the relationship between problem of cousins marrying with cheetah survival.

At that time, the ideas I had lacked plot. If this was a Spoon song, I would be thinking the 'Rindu serindu-rindunya' part and none of the "Kalau memang tiada jodoh apa lagi nak ku heboh". The chorus but not the flow of the song itself.

So I did write several pages and of course it went up in smokes. In fact the things I wrote were parts of different stories. I knew later it was good because I kinda stumbled on one of them way later in life and after reading it I thought, "This is good stuff. Where's the rest?". And then remembering "Oh *I* wrote that". Okay that could be my auto-vain personality at work. but heyyyyyy... gimme some break here.

So here I am thinking of starting it again. "The warmth of the chicken crap goes away pretty quick" as the saying goes but maybe I could be like that teen who, at the start of the internet, made people pay for another chapter. He wrote one chapter, then waited for funds to fill up before continuing to the next. Auww-some.

So warmth of chicken crap could turn out to be cow dung (which I think probably cools down slower. who makes comparison on these stuffs?).

So that's my thinking right now. Maybe I should write a novel. In Malay. With names like Nik Azleen Alina Batrisha Jourden-Cooke binti Nik Som (the kelantanese gal who went to work in 7-eleven in Jalan Ampang and found out she's actually the great grandoter of a legendary french chef, Adeu` Amigosele Qooke ) . Or Putri Farisya anak perempuan Putera Gorjesi cucu lelaki Raja Kapurina Septimus (the lost princess of the far away kingdom of Greekindia). And add in some arabic words so we can call it Islamic novel.

Whoa... this would be so awesome!


  1. Fuuuuhyuh! So have you started writing yet? Or are you still staring at a blank Word doc?

    1. dont even have Ms-Words installed yet.

      but a lot is in my im-a-gee-na-syen.

  2. "Ketika Cinta Berzikir" oleh Habibuteadrinker El-Shirazy.

    1. perkh. title dia...

      the title's going to be like:
      1) a story of qada' n qadar: try no to try but end up trying anyways.
      2) the misadventure of malik astronot: cant find my kiblat.
      3) the untouchable kill: hunting for the murderous hog of tirnanog.
      4) over a cup of pulled tea: gossip lelaki.

      guess which is gonna be bestseller.

    2. I don't care what the story would be like. It should have the "cinta" word in the title plus a word that sound a bit Arabic (hence, Islamic) but not too hard to guess its meaning, like, "Cinta KALBUN Di Aya Sofia" or "Istimta' Cinta Laila Jumaat" (you have to tell the readers that Laila Jumaat is a character's name) or "Tamakninah Cinta Di Makam Ali".

    3. lagenda budak setanirojim!


  3. Good luck in writing about the Kelantanese gal who works in 7-11 and the lost princess! Let us know the status will you?

    But, I don't read how to give you support?


  4. i read some novels that my little sister bought too. sometimes it's quite fun to know how ladies think from their writing and the kind of men that they dreamed of like lelaki kacukan itu kacukan ini.... i just don't understand that they could finish up hundreds of pages novel without feeling bored and their imagination about the characters especially men in the novel could be very interesting.

    the last part about bombastic names in Malay novel is quite hilarious, hahahahahaahahahaha.

    1. kacukan and gotta be super rich. with yacht and all.

      i guess all i have to do for a good novel is put a nice picture of bekham alike malay dude at the cover. never judge a book by it's cover, but nobody said u cant enjoy the cover more than the book.

    2. Nama pun dah fiction... which vices, follies, stupidities or abuses, bombastic names, ultra kaya with anak raja elements, are held up to ridicule and contempt. Baru best seller selama 75 tahun :P

    3. that sounds like a saturated market. hehehe

  5. Writing books or novel can be an interesting take.. Only if you have a publisher who are keen to publish your stuff and a distributor to distribute them.. There are some who wrote only to find out they have to cough out big money to get the books on the shelf of a bookstall.. ;(

    1. i heard the same thing. i guess i could try another approach to this. put it as ebook and pull off some internet marketing tricks to sell it.

      ah here i am. thinking way ahead of myself. i should start first. hehe.


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