Wednesday, March 7, 2012

U Nam

cooldad04: mahal hoooooooooo
cooldad04: aku dah pergi test.. kost me 11K
TeaD: giler
TeaD: test mender gitu
cooldad04: baik aku simpan bank for anak nya education
cooldad04: betul tak
TeaD: 11 ke 1
cooldad04: 11 .... rm10,800
TeaD: uiyoo
cooldad04: for 1 year treatment
cooldad04: tapi dia tak berani jamin rambut tumbuh seperti asal
cooldad04: yg dia kata dont potong rambut
cooldad04: so rambut yg panjan kat tepi can cover botak kat tgh
cooldad04: takke sohai namanya tuh
cooldad04: :))
I have no idea why... but I had a real good laugh on this chat session.

*this is from my old post. i re-read it and this still made me laugh*


  1. MYR10,800? and dun potong rambut? Betul ke nih? Sounds utterly suspicious. Might as well just pull leg/armpit hair and glue at bald spot. Kawtim. *heehee*

    1. one of the more expensive advice. hehehe

    2. I use 5% minoxidil topical solution. It comes in brands like Regro, Regain, and Rogain. Cost you around RM170-200.

      Yun Nam is a blood thirst mosquito.

    3. It SHOULD work. Minoxidil is a topical drug specially designed to stimulate hair growth. For women, the 2% concentration is enough and men should use 5% for optimum result.

      Treating baldness is not like doing a silicon breast implant; it takes a lot of TIME and MONEY to see the outstanding result. Yeah it helps me a little. I see new minuscule hairs (like "bulu roma") growing on the empty areas. The receding hairline (that gradually went backward) at the crown area has now stopped its activity to give ways to new hairs. Minoxidil works best in the crown area but other areas can have its effect.

      And then you need a special shampoo that cleans up sebum and impurities from your scalp. Also, you need more protein in your diet.

      There is an oral drug called 'finasteride' for treating male baldness, sold as brand name Propecia. Finasteride was initially used to treat benign prostate enlargement which contributes to the risk of having prostate cancer. It was observed that finasteride produced some side effects. One of them was the significant regrowth of hairs among patients who had taken up finasteride prescription. Finasteride (at a certain amount) now used as oral prescription for treating male pattern baldness ever since. But the downside of finasteride is the lost of libido and worse you could be "mati pucuk". Avoid finasteride. Stick to natural sources like parboil eggs (good protein source) and Vitamin E.

      Something about enlarged prostate:
      When men grow old, they start losing hairs. This has something to do with enlarged prostate. When men get older, their prostate gradually enlarges. This is normal. Only a few unfortunate men will have their benign enlarged prostate turn into a fatal prostate cancer but that's another story.

      Prostate produces testosteron, the hormone that is responsible for making male teenagers grow pubic hairs, husky voice, enlarged muscles, and all sexual characteristics for men. When the prostate enlarges, testosteron production increases multiple fold (hence we become more "miang" and "gatal" to have more wives).

      The "problem" with many testosterons is that; some of them will be changed by the body system into dihydrotestosteron (DHT). This reaction is done by an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase. The product of the reaction, the DHT will travel around the body via blood vessels and is responsible for making our hairs jump out of the scalp into the floor.

      Finasteride works by inhibiting the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme.

      End of lecture for today. Class dismiss.

    4. finasteride: so i get to do the pacak ultraman hair style but wont have my thingy pacak anything.

      i'll keep my solar panel. tq. hehehe.

      (goes for minoxidil).


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