Friday, April 27, 2012


In some really nice mix up, I didn't get water supply for 3 days.

I smell fine. Just in case that's the first thing that came up in your mind.

So my prop agent didn't pay the water bill since august last year. The apartment management quoted me an incorrect amount for the outstanding and I relayed that to the property agent last month. He didn't pay last month and so 3 days ago I went back home to a desert san-sun.

5.5 liter of water is enough for a quick shower and wudhu. No soap though.

So the next day I went to confirm with the management, then went to the agent and with a promise of 'boss said he will pay today', i went back to work and later went back to another dry night at home. This time I got a lil bit smarter and went to shower at the pool changing rooms (locked at night so I better not have any urges to crap. Didn't have any, lucky me. phew!).

Next day called the management, management said I still had outstanding, called agent and they said they've paid. Called management again and then was told payment wasn't full. Called agent again, agent said yeah you're going to have to pay the last 3 months when I just got there 1 month ago. Then the agent said they'll recalculate and will talk to the management again. Later at 4 I called up and they said they'll pay and they'll clear it today.

Went out, came back at 11 and lo and behold... no water. This time the pool area's locked already. Bought mineral water, refilled the 5.5liter bottle at the dispenser and used that for shower.

The next morning I went to do some stuff, dropped by the management office, paid the water bill first (should've done this the first day instead of trusting someone who didn't pay it after a month) and then went outside to feel so relieved.

And then I went to shoot some property agents. They weren't happy to see me but I think they were cursing the boss for being the reason I'm there. I just needed to get it out of my system. Despite the stupidity of telling their customers the account manager is MC (like every week as far as I can remember. they actually have 2 companies and rather short on staff), late for paying rents and doesn't remember what they took out of my apartment and all... I don't mind. none of those things bothered me much except for this water issue.

Never trust a company with money. If they ask to return their deposits and they have something to pay up, take it out of the deposit. Dont trust them with your money when you don't have to. That's that.

p/s: There's water and I still haven't showered yet (it's 10:40pm here. hehehe.)

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