Thursday, April 12, 2012


I got my first skateboard around 1988. It was big for my size and looks more like a surf board when carry it. It was heavy and balanced. Some time around the 90's that I lost it to a rather funny incident which I'll tell here.

The skateboard was in the garage with some other stuffs we didn't want to put in the house. One day the monthly crew from JKR comes into the compound and clear stuffs up around here. One day they saw the stuff in the garage and asked the gardener rather casually if those stuff they(thats us) wanna throw out.

Gardener shrugged and said.. they(us) probably dont want them anymore.

There goes my skateboard, brother's scooter, mom's kitchenwares and whatever else. I guess dad's just happy they didn't take the car.


Mom bought the first son a skateboard and I ended up 'trying' the thing the whole evening with the kids. Haven't sweat like yesterday since so long. And skateboarding is fun though I can't even remember how to ride the thing properly. Fell down twice and the ride was not graceful.

But one thing for sure. we had fun.


  1. The last time I had rollers affixed to my feet, I had a nasty face-off with a park bench on a moonlit night. Broke my arm as a result. Skateboarding sounds like fun but I dun think I can risk another broken something (^.^)

    1. i remember u posting about that. a couple years back right? but i'm glad ur funny bone's still intact.

  2. Yo dude, you did da "pop shove it"?


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