Monday, May 7, 2012


I ran over a kitten today.

Can't figure out the worst part of it. Is it that it didn't die or that it has less chance to survive long with whatever damage one tonne machinery does to it.

Started the morning, warmed up the car and then I made my move and I felt like I hit or ran over something. I was surprised because I know there was nothing when I moved. Looked back at the mirror and saw it in pain while the mother was there as well. Saw the mother picked the kit up and even with my windows shut I could hear the little thing scream.


And that's not quite the ending.

At lunch I was out and then when I reached the car, I saw a kitten under the car. I have a few guess how the kitten got there. Savvy's got this space at the back wheel. Dirt and stone would end up there. It could fit a kitten or two and I think that's what happened. It's been raining heavily these few days and I think that had the mom put the kittens there.

But I guess when I started the car, she didn't have time to move them away.

Morale of the story: jangan terbabas subuh.


  1. if there's one thing about my story telling, i can always convey horrible stuffs very nicely.

    not that i'm proud of it and it does kill selera makan (told this time dinner when i saw the kitten's mom passed and my colleague got something or ur reaction).

    but misery loves company and i do like to share this rather bad start of my day.

  2. Ok ok get it.. Jangan terbabas subuh.. Biasa juga kalau berjaga sampai agi ;(


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