Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Untitled (really)

As I've mentioned previously, I kinda fell into the got-lots-to-express-but-because-couldnt-paint-i-wanna-write-a-novel-instead cliche`.

Well it ain't happening (that was quick).

I got a few plot outlines and it found out it sucked when I couldn't quite expand the story. So I decided from novel to short story. Then it became a practice for the summary section in SPM. In less than 100 words please tell me you're dead. I managed to do in 3 words.

So anymorewaysthanone I decided to change my focus to something more technical. This is a bit more challenging but it is something i am a bit more confident I can do. So I'm going to write a techie book. The plot is as interesting as watching a cow sleep but a plot is not what people want in a techie book. I got a good reason for putting the target readers to sleep! hehe.

There's a need so I'm going to fill in that need. :)

So again... wish me luck!

and a lil bit less fickleness. :D


  1. mulakan dengan Bismillah.. :)
    nanti nak autograph kat buku... hehe...

    1. and i belanja u teh tarik osso. (marketing since u got lotso frens osso). hehe.

  2. Here's a link that you might want to check out:


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