Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blog Background Music

Come on. let's admit it is EeeeeeeviiiiiiIiiIIIIIIIiiiiiiLLLllllll.

With a capital E. The worst if you can't shut the music and have to set your speakers to mute.

Respect your readers. Everybody loves a song or two but not necessarily your song. Some people loves reading in silence. Some people is already enjoying a song on their pc. You can't just disrupt that.

I want to read what you have to say but i seriously can't tolerate hearing the first minute of them song everytime I click read moreeeee.....ev. ver. ry. time. the. page. loads. everytime!

Better you wear some sexy outfit and whip me when I say 'more!'. (this offer is limited to gals only. terms and conditions apply).

I've been with the net long enough and let me tell you that background sounds/music for webpages are always a no no. It sits very close to blinking, marque texts and the rolling barbeque-style 'new' buttons in the "dont-put-these-on-your-web-page-or-we-will-hate-you!" list. Back then they were putting MIDI songs. These are usually 'soft' songs. piano thingabob thingies. Even then it's a big no-no. Nowadays you can have a full blast of Britney Spearing-your-ears and imagine how multiplied the annoyance is.

So no. Take it out. It's EeeeeeEEEEviiilll.

with a capital E.


  1. OOOOooooooooo..I would love to try that whipping..offer still open or not aaa??

  2. Baru ingat nak letak some jiwa jiwa songs on my blog.

    I cant lose a reader when I have not much of em.

    1. you aledi got a blog specially for fav songs kan. :p

  3. Replies
    1. agree less and i'll spam ur mailbox with shahrukh pictures.


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