Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mydin USJ Fire

I got this story from one of their X staff. :)

Apparently there was once a fire in Mydin mall at USJ. I am not sure how big but it was enough for an evacuation. And the mall was open at that time and I figured it's a bit harder to evacuate people who never bothers to check fire exits (like the u n the me) when shopping.

So while everybody was trying to get out, mydin staffs tries to keep people from going into the affected area and stuff... a rather panicky customer went to one of the expatriate staffs there and asked "MANA JALAN KELUAR?MANA?" .

Mydin staff, helpful as always: "TAKDE JUAL" .

Gotta love expats.


  1. hello! hello! we want a new one. pronto!

    1. yeah ok. i'll talk about getting into meditation class soon. :p

      and lemme remind u that u're subscription fee to my blog is long overdue.

      and that u owe(of a sorts) a date(of a sorts) with me.

  2. this one give me a good laugh.

    1. i bet you cant beat me laughing hearing it firsthand.


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