Friday, July 6, 2012

A Note On Online Shopping

Gals.... you know it's okay to shop online. We don't mind. honest.

but. yes there's a but.

If you're shopping for bra from one of those Facebook shops, could you please remember it's gonna be like shopping at a bra store with the whole guy friends around. If you point at a bra and ask about it there, every dudes there is going to notice and that's gonna be awkward.

or maybe not.


  1. awkward? ok ape guy friends can drop a comment..
    "kaler tu match u"
    "kalau i, i prefer my gf beli shocking pink"
    "my ex ada bra mcm tu, i pn ada beli satu"

    1. ok. got a point there.

      maybe i should point this towards guys.

      guys... if u're shopping for bras... pls make sure u get the privacy settings right.

  2. Good observation. I want one of whatever you are smoking now. :D

  3. R u serious? Ish malu lah!

    But anyway, Anonymous does have a point though ;)

    Personally, I wouldn't do it. I'd rather drag my hubby into the store and get his opinion :p

    1. hoho... thou shall not find me giving opinions on that. no sirreeeeee.

    2. well ok. not in public that is.


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