Monday, July 30, 2012


For a month to be hungry, there are sure lots and lots of food out there. I guess that is why in Malaysia, Ramadhan is probably the most famous month in the Muslim calendar.

I've been breaking fast in Sultan Al-Mizan mosque almost everyday for this year's Ramadhan. The menu is usually 3 dates and a local snack (couldn't quite find a good word for kueh.). This would be followed by prayer and then we'd continue with a heavier meal. Then a 20 minute rest before the next prayer.

I wish they'd serve coffee for breaking fast. I could use a boost for terawih prayer.

Tip for places that doesn't have soap to clean up that oily hand after a good malay meal: use tissue. Wipe the oil off with tissue after eating and then wash with water after. Works in wedding receptions too.

To keep yourself from becoming the hour long terawih... at the 8th rakaat where people start to move, go grab something to much on. This I did here where they usually serve some soup and, finally, coffee. You'd skip one 2 rakaat prayer to have these but you'd reach 20 rakaat with less risk of falling down sleeping on the floor sleeping or doing the snoring prostration.

I have bottled water but it doesn't seem to work at keeping me fresh.

Anyway, have a good and blessed ramadhan!


  1. "For a month to be hungry, there are sure lots and lots of food out there." This is so true. And the best part, non Muslims get to enjoy it too.

    Can't you bring your own coffee when breaking fast? And of course, the bottled water too..

    Have a blessed Ramadhan!

    1. thanks mrs. i did thought about making my own coffee before leaving the office.

      too much work. thehehehe.

    2. oh, bukan teh ke? hehe..

      Salam ziarah beraya... :)

    3. teh didn't work! :p

      selamat hari raya n maaf zahir batin, ashiena.


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