Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wishing It

Sometimes you would wish stuff to be of a supernatural cause rather than the mundane day to day 'oh it's just a you thing'.

It's a lot more fun to have something of an evil ancient demon who speaks in 2 voices and 5 languages including French exorcised out of you. 

Bad temper, excessive need to eat chicken rice at 2am in the morning and bad English. gone. whiff. poof.  Next day you'd wake up all serene, with a growling empty tummy and awesome double oh seven england accent. san gals (cant have everything, now can ye?)

Ah... wishing the bad habits aren't your own but due to some supernatural influence causing you to spiral you into a habit of selfdestruction/mayhem/chaos/madness/whatnuts(tm).

So when I went to this healer for a check, it was rather disappointing when he declared rather casually: Jiwa kacau. To my english/russian speaking friends, the doc just declared I was (and still is) nuts.

He could at least do a lil' act to make it look hard.

Alas a disappointment. I couldn't just have someone huff and puff or smoke the problem away. I was  hoping for that so that I could remove some weight off the guilt and responsibility (hey it's not entirely my fault. I was under alien influence).

Jiwa kacau. *sigh*

So the road to fixing this (ok now... close your eyes and imagine that road in the Terminator where Sarah Connor drove into the stormy horizon at the end. done? Okay... open up your eyes and continue reading) is long and not-so-funly. What do they say about walking long boring roads? 

One step at a time... and call a cab.

ps: I have relatively mild temper, only does a cookie monster biscuit munching at night (while watching a movie) and would only get a C for English which means my english is in the 'still got hope' category and not under 'bad'.

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