Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The enemy.

Iblis was not always the evil we know him today. It is said he was to the djinns as Adam is to us. The  father of his kind. Made of fire instead of lowly clay.

He spent thousand of years in prayers and remembrance of God until he was gifted the stations of angels. He prayed with angels and even then his pride showed. He prayed so that he could be the best among God's creations and he was granted that.

One day God made a figure out of stinking clay and let the heavenly creatures see and wonder. Iblis too was curious and examined it. Poked at it's chest and he heard a hollow thud. He thought to himself, whatever this will be, nothing will satiate it's want.

At a fateful day, the clay was given a soul and life. All the human souls ever to be born to this world until the end of days were placed in Adam. As life reached his nose, Adam sneezed and all the angels said 'Bless thee!'.

All the heavenly creatures were commanded to prostrate to Adam to honor him. The angels did not hesitate to do so. So it was to their surprise, raising their head they saw an ugly, repulsive creature where Iblis stood before.

Iblis did not prostrate. Fire, he said, is superior to clay and therefore he should not prostrate before a lowly creature. To that God cursed Iblis to hell.

But he requested and was granted respite. He requested that he would be given the chance to pull as many of Adam's children with him. "I will make them err and deviate!" and to this God replied by His Power, if any of them asks forgiveness it will be granted.

And the rest is history.

There are great lessons to be learned from Iblis the fallen. In my opinion, one of them is that God does not solely see the deeds you do but what they are. Iblis did all that to be the best, for his ego. The best of creations, the human prophet Muhammad (pbuh), performed his deeds in humility as a servant.

So if you see someone who does a lot of good deeds but looks down on other people, or it is you yourself feeling good and safe with the deeds you have done, remember this Iblis and where he ended up thinking so.

And if you have strayed far from God and feel like there is no return... remember His vow. Should you ask forgiveness, it will be granted. Just don't wait, my friend. For the seconds in the future is not guaranteed to you.

Anything to share or questions is welcomed, my good friends. Even to compare evil's history between religion is welcomed too.


  1. A good write-up. I think those who do good deeds just to "show" ain't gonna get anywhere in God's good books. We can lie as much as we want, but HE knows everything. Even our deepest thoughts. Hope you had a wonderful Raya!

  2. A good read and a good guide for those who mistakenly believe that arrogant is permissible provided that you are the best of a kind.

    1. and a good wake up call for anyone who's delusional enough to think he's safe.

  3. Reading this just reaffirmed my faith in His mercy and His forgiveness. Thank you.

  4. about the syiah, are they iblis?

    1. i wouldn't call them iblis or shaitan but they are certainly not of the mainstream (ahl sunna wa jamaah).


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