Sunday, September 9, 2012


Today I met someone who is quite close to his spiritual teachers. Close enough that they would entrust him with something like handling their talks in a state or another. Close enough to easily come to their kid's aqiqah. When you see someone like this, you'd know they are good in their manners, on how they treat their teachers and I believe having a sound heart. Or at least heading the right direction and making good progress.

So is it a wonder that I would feel rather segan (shy doesn't quite get it and ashamed is rather too strong)? These two dudes, traveled some 40km at night on a motorcycle when they could ride a car just so that they'd make it in time for our appointment. The traffic was bad there for some reason. And it was raining. I remember my times going to work roughly that far everyday and it's not fun.

O Allah keep these two people in your blessings and protection always.

Looking at myself. I felt rather ashamed (now it is rather appropriate to use this word). One of those moments eh? You realise you spend your time juggling justifications on why you're doing this and thats... and here you see two good souls just doing good. Just doing it.

So segan lah.


  1. Ha rasa segan pada diri .. Satu langkah yang mendekatkan diri kepada kebaikan.. InsyaAllah.. ;)

  2. Salam'alaikum warahmatullah...

    I feel the same too when i see these kind of people maybe i can't even look into their eyes, hehehe


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