Friday, September 7, 2012

Snake Oil

I think this term refers to bogus stuffs. I'd tell you it's a cure-all but actually it's just a cure-all-nothings.

Today I think I found the best snake-oil ever sold in Malaysia. The radioactive pendant. Even looking at the title reminds me of the fools of old (thinking they were so advanced at that time) that took real radioactive stuffs and sold em like vitamins.

At that time they used x-rays to see if your foot fits nicely into the shoes you're about to wear.

Luckily people started to die horribly, with one incident a guy came in and his jaw dropped off in front of the doctors. I say lucky because if they didn't die horribly, we wouldn't have this great respect and care for radioactive stuffs.

But I digress (always wanted to say that!). Not sure what I'm digressing from but I digressed.

Lynas issue came up just a few months back. We had talks that mobile antennas are dangerous. We've got people warning us to not keep our phones in the pockets lest it kills thy unborn kids (not sure if this applies to gals... but just be careful).

Yet somehow, somebody still manage to go out and sell stuffs that will make you glow in the dark after several years.

To be fair, I think the total number of suckers in a community is related to how many people you crammed up in a place. We have roughly 27mil people here, take or leave a few million, and I bet we've got around 300k of fools living among us. Fools here is defined as someone who constantly make not so clever choices despite having not so stupid intelligence level. 300k is a good number to sell to, by the way. Proof of this is that if only 300 people eat in Malaysia, nobody would bother running a nasi lemak stall.

Point is... there's something called critical thinking. I don't claim to actually practice it to the letter but I do remember to put more thoughts into what I read (less on what I write). So let's try practicing that more often so we don't just end up spreading idiocy. Our kids might read that in our FB one days and wonder why we forced them to school and not attend with them.

Goodnight everybody!

p/s: snake oil article. roll your eyes and facepalm when you're done reading it.

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  1. Hehehehe nice one :)Critical thinking is what we are losing nowadays and getting 'em back is not as easy as some would say.


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