Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Surprised Marriage

No not me. u gals can give out a long sigh of relief. ;)

I was in Jenderam for an event commemorating the life of a great scholar, Imam Al-Haddad who lived some 300 years ago. He was blinded as a kid but was given greater sight of life and religion instead. His books, poems and biography still touch hearts today. Inspiring people to do their best and cutting any delusions one might have covering the eyes.

So in Jenderam they had invited scholars to add blessings to the event and one would also give talk on the teachings and life of Imam Al-Haddad.

It is after the talk that the head of the institution there announced an additional event which is the marriage. He was somewhat flustered and at first I thought it is because it was unplanned and it might be an inconvenience to the guest scholars. Then he dropped the bomb. He's the one getting married!

It was something of an arranged marriage. Some respectable scholars telling him to marry for months. His now-father-in-law insisted he take one of his daughters. He took it seriously after awhile and after 2 months or so, he agreed.

I've never smiled like I did last night in any other wedding. One reason is because these are good religious people and I've never been to a wedding of these kind of people. Good people's wedding aplenty... but not especially good people's wedding. The other reason is... it's not everyday that the man couldn't remember the name of the girl he's marrying.

I'm sure he'd be hearing about this even after 10 years of marriage.

So love after marriage. How does that work eh? It's a common thing in the old days. Not to common nowadays. And definitely not something anybody today would choose, I think. To look for someone special and marry that person versus marrying someone and finding out how special that person is.

Anyways... it is a wedding I would envy. Simplest in form but a lot of blessings. Fitting for someone who devoted his life to managing elderly homes, educating and helping orphans and poor kids, religious knowledge and good manners.

p.s: I dont think I smile a lot at any of those fancy expensive weddings.


  1. In the simplest form but a lot of blessings, my idea of a dream wedding. This is a nice one :)

  2. Replies
    1. it is.

      but i dont think parents nowadays would approve of a too simple weddings.

  3. Replies
    1. wll now u know a rather quiet piece of Selangor. hehehe.

  4. TD, I love that - Marrying someone and finding the special in him.

  5. such a bliss and blessed event.


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