Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aura Training

I've been taking something of a meditation class for roughly 5 months now. Meditation class is me putting it in a general term. The class does involve meditation but it also includes bits of exercise  taken from qiqong, yoga and others. It focuses on building your inner strength and the result is that you are more positive, being able to handle yourself in a difficult situation and be more sensitive to what is happening to yourself.

I was recommended to this by an Islamic healing practitioner and so I went.

Aura, energy and quantum are the usual buzzwords in the industry. My personal opinion is that it might be what it says... utilizing the calm and focus to strengthen that aura you have, but for me I believe it is empowering your mind. It's programming your mind.

If you check out the Silva Method, this is also meditation and the amazing thing about it is that it has what we have in religion/culture too. Even has a method to 'fill' water  with healing qualities (air tawar anyone?), using pendant to look for things and stuffs we'd put into the mumbo jumbo category. Mumbo jumbo except that they've managed to prove it in university studies. The Silva Method is awesome too and I would recommend it to you guys.

But for starts, try out the link I gave for free. It'll give you meditation instructions to strengthen your inner self.

For the paid, you get to attend the classes the Dr have every two weeks at his house in Precint 14, Putrajaya. A relaxed non-formal class touching different aspects of aura/energy things. Sometimes exercise, sometimes motivational, sometimes you'll be doing healing exercises and consultation. For free. So pay once, and free consultation after for almost forever.


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