Sunday, November 4, 2012


I am fascinated with this series.

It's a story of a serial killer who was luckily identified by his cop foster father as one. The father understood Dexter's dark needs and what he will become so therefore he decided to educate Dexter how to be a good serial killer. In other words, you can fill your needs to kill but there are rules.

So instead of sending the kid to meditation class, sekolah pondok, army school or fill him with so many medications  that he'd stop having needs.... he taught Dexter how to be a killer, survive and not get caught. He gave Dexter a code to follow. These are the people you can kill and these are the rules you have to stick to so that you wont get caught.

Now he works for the cops as a blood splatter expert. niceeee.

Dexter has issues with emotions. He does not feel as much as he should and this is one of the main thing that he has to work on most. Killing is the only thing that makes him feel alive.

To not get caught, he has to pretend to feel. So he has to pretend to have (and like) friends, fall in love and all the things normal.

The plot acknowledges killing other serial killers and dangerous men makes Dexter look like a good guy. So it reminds us for what Dexter is truly is. He kills bad people not because he is good but because he follows the code the foster dad puts in.

He's also funny. Not really intentionally but I did laugh when catching the irony or double meaning statements he narrates here and there.

I learnt a lot from Dexter. Not that I'm a serial killer but I think everybody acknowledges men do have problems with managing emotions. We don't have that high an EQ as gals. We tend to not pick up the subtle messages the opposite sex is sending.

Helps give a new perspective on approaching stuff and understanding human nature.

Ho yeah... understanding human nature watching fictional characters on TV. niceeeeee.


  1. Owh c'mon now. This is a cyber world we live in. Subtle gestures were so last millennium deciphered. Youtubed it. Its just there. Step by step.


    1. shut up and gimme ur number.

      that's me. being subtle.

  2. Fulfilling your dark side as well TTD?

    1. not yet. this is more for research. hehehe.

      "going dark and getting away with it 101"

      happy new year, mr Wan


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