Monday, November 26, 2012

Mind read AKA if you one day get to hack someone's FB.

Does knowing every ounce of someone's hidden darkest gruesome secret means that you know the person?

and by the way... this is a rather senseless write up.

To a certain extent maybe.. but there are more than the burden someone carries over their shoulders. Or the things he does. Or the things he kept out of people's lives.

Often people mention a good friend is someone that would show you the wrongs about you. This is true but how many could stay with a caring friend who told you something, while true, you deny and faults the friendship?

I do think if you can read someone's mind, it doesn't really help in knowing what he is. I do often find myself cursing in my head at someone I am fond of when s/he I don't quite agree. But it stays in my head because I am fond of that person. Mentioning it would hurt their feelings and that's not being nice.

Some people's words are true but because of what they do and carry in their history, someone could just set it aside like rubbish. Cant trust a thief even when he tells you not to steal no?

One days maybe Allah will lift one of His veils on me and my secrets will be found out. Maybe then what good I have done will be undone. I hope His mercy extends to me even then.

by the way, my FB is clean I think. The secrets I have there is plain to see. It's just not that obvious.

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  1. You dont need to hack mine, I can happily share you my email and password :P

    But I'm pretty shor you wouldnt be interested in mine as nothing is going on in there.


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