Thursday, December 27, 2012

Into Darkness

Blog hopping here and there, I'd see people listing down things they want to do in their life. From getting a tattoo to getting confused at some romantic bar in Europe and find romance.Considering it's Europe, that might just happen and she'd end up marrying a Pakistani resident there.

Anyway. I have two things in my wanna-do list. I'm still trying to figure out the second item on the list. In the mean time, let's talk about the first.

I want to go to the darkest place on earth, roughly 500km radius away from any source of light, lie down on my back and just stare up at the stars.

I'd probably get bored after 20 minutes, pack, go home and wonder what was that all about.

But that is life right? You go do cool stuff, eat the best food in the world, drink the best drinks in the world, get full, go home, sit down with your hands supporting your chin and just stare away while all those stuffs that got into you, go back out. plups plups plups.

(dont forget to flush)

This world is truly almost meaningless.


  1. The worldly life is nothing but illusory enjoyment (003:185) is not similar to your last sentence, No!

  2. But don't you agree that we have to live through this world meaningfully to get to the other world, nevertheless?

    1. of course, dotsie. it's just that 'meaningful' do means differently to different people.

  3. TeaD,

    This post reminds me of Shakespeare's poem, Life's Brief Candle. But its like what you said to me, it all depends on where you place your happiness, or the meaning of it all.

    Cryptic but one of life's many little mysteries.



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