Wednesday, January 2, 2013

As The Gentleman

So today I suddenly recall,
In my much younger days a client I have.

One kind lady of 35 years old,
A few months pregnant I believed,
Between two of her offices we walked together often.

On a particular tiring day we walked back again,
Looking at her tired face I almost asked and offered,
That bag, dear lady, I can carry for you.

Seems heavy it does and tired you are.

You know, me as the gentleman.

But I decided to stay quite,
Offer lingered only in my mind,
Reason knowing she'd decline.

So I kept quiet until we depart

Months later I am glad I kept to myself,
For by then I learn by seeing.

She's not pregnant after all.


  1. depends, was it her handbag that you offered to carry or an extra bag that we ladies always seem to have?

    It would have been nice though...if you have asked. Who knows, she might think 'ah here's a nice young lad, think I might introduce him to my sister'. :)


    1. oh that would be bad. was married at that time so what a mess that'd bring.

  2. Replies
    1. oops. russian english doesn't put enough emphasize on tenses. :D

    2. See...told ya I'd notice the small things. Have a good weekend TeaD.

  3. Ha ha ha. love the ending

    1. was always glad i didn't do the 'dah berapa bulan dah?' lite chatter thingy. :D

  4. hahaa...i offered a lady my seat in the train once...and she gave me a stern look ;p


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