Monday, January 21, 2013

Calculator My Foot

/* dugged up from my old blogposts */

Happy Birthday, Mom's Aunt!

Lets call her Nyoh.

She's one of the people that comes up often in my mind when I remember some of my childhood days. She's pretty easy-going and totally unreliable when it comes to finance, calculations and sitting down properly during a badminton match.

Couldn't stay put at a soccer match either.

My mom came over last 3 or 4 weeks ago and she mentioned when Nyoh asked mom to buy some stuffs for her. Mom bought the stuffs, which comes in 4 per package and she wanted about 5 packages.

So she was trying to figure out the price of each item so she can figure out the price of each package. Or something like that.

So it went down to something like this. My mom told her all of those 5 packages were about rm100. Then mom told her each package is rm20 and so each of them item was rm5 each.

rm5 X 4 in each package X  5 packages = rm100.

Nope. She didn't believe her. So here we have it. She must be thinking in quantum physics of some sort.

So Nyoh stood up, counted with her fingers. Each finger representing one item in the packet. So 1 2 3 4 5... 10. Ooops. Out of fingers.

So Nyoh bow down and continued with her feet. Ah 20. Twenty fingers on this body. I sense that by the time she finished counting, the Count from Sesame Street choked and the thunders probably whimpered.

The best part of this is that she still got the total price wrong.

So that's that. My mom and grandma laughing at Nyoh. I bet they wondered, being x-/teachers themselves, how the heck did Nyoh got about teaching her students during those old days.


  1. Hahahahahahahahahah… I can't stop laughing at this! Oh, my…

    1. some people get cuter as they get old eh. hehehe.

  2. Seriously, your mom shudda handed her a calculator.

    Poor soul.

    You guys were so mean.

    *squints eyes*

    1. wehr goat mean? gave her true true numbers and aint she believing it.

      plus could av borrowed other fingers but she no want to be doing that. rather her own foot she uses.

      we be good and that's true true. :p


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