Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reading People

Did you know, you can actually find out about a person by looking at what he leaves after eating. Now the modern society made it easy because we eat in plate(s) but using fork and spoon does make it a bit inaccurate because the pattern made from fingers brushing against the plate is better.

Now from how you take the food from the plate, whether from right to left, bottom to up or did you start from the upper part of the plate or bottom (which can be guessed by looking at where the most patterns are made, more pattern at the bottoms means he started at the top and worked his way down). This could all point to the personality of the person.

Most people would generally kinda horde stuff so we tend to pull things towards us. So we gather our food closer to us. There are a few who eats closest to them first. So the pattern would be either going to the top left or right.

So let's take the pattern based on the picture above as an example. But before we start, try to imagine and guess how this person ate based on the oil pattern on his plate. Then try to guess the kind of personality this person have based on your intuition (our sub-concious mind does learn this in the background and you'd get it's opinion via gut-feel).  Okay let's compare this with what I can tell you of the person because I know him inside out.


This person is basically a nice guy but rather poyo.

You gotta be really poyo nak amik gambar pinggan after breakfast and show to the world. kan?



  1. all I can guess is, die lapar/ makan sedap / tak suke bazir .hence , makan sampai licin !

  2. If i may add:
    This person is basically a nice guy but rather poyo and tak makan sayur coz if he does he has eaten all batang2 sayur tu, cuma tinggal sepotong chili, which shows he is very cal*cough*culative... :P

  3. All i could tell is that he was hungry! but the way the fork and spoon are placed I can tell that his mother trained him well in matters involving tables and manners. :)

    1. that's probably right but i caught him cheating with roti telur. forks at the right hand that smart-very-good-very-popular-very-macam2lah fella. pfft.


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