Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First Interview

So the first interview was yesterday.

We bought new working clothes for this interview and the more-likely-no-more-jeans-and-t-shirt-and-keje-from-home work. New pair of pants, shirt and a belt. Luckily I have a nice pair of socks roughly 5 months old and only worn for 2 weeks.

My dad gave me a pair of brown shoes some 4 months back. The tie I borrowed from my brother who brought that to take some passport pictures to register for Doctorial-work-thingy.

I woke up the morning seeing my clothes ironed and the tie tied nicely hanging at the wardrobe. My brother, seeing I came back late the night before prep'ed them up for me nice and dandy. Best kan.

So off I went, with Waze app to help me make sure I get there with the correct route and hopefully avoid all the legendary KL traffic. Waze got me confused and from Cyberjaya, I somehow managed to pass through Pudu Bus Station on the way to PWTC area. Something about 'stay right...' and I didn't stay right enough.

I got there 30 minutes earlier and meditated outside their office for 5 minutes (it was hot, and with a tie I was already sweating inside).

The interview itself was informal. The right hand of the Boss and a manager whom, if I understand right, would be of the same level if I were fated to be there. The manager just looked at some of my works and the Hand went through my transcripts. The manager took a look(luckily my diploma transcript which had MUCH better results) and approved.

It was done in an hour. It gave off a good feeling. :)


  1. You said 'first interview', implying that there will be a number of them... good luck!

  2. Can I hire your brother to do ironing for me? Ensem tak?

    1. he just graduated medic.

      OF COURSE he's hensem la.


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