Friday, February 1, 2013

Free Hair (AKA possibly how the term got coined)

*this post is to be read in thick, rather victorian English accent (if there is such a thing). and is absolutely pointless. Don't say I didn't warn you.*

I'm balding and therefore I have every right to write about hair terms as a third party observer.

I don't usually care about 'free hair' as much as I wonder as to how in the creative earth does one come up with such terms. The Japanese, despite many of them rather indifferent to religion (I was told... by a Japanese... in a radio show) and more prone to suicide (i'm sure it's not true), does not cover their hair but even so, they sell their hair to be made into those traditional fake real hair thingy.

Free hair, as my rather western mind (as described to me by now english friend via wassap), could only imagine those hair on the floor of a barber shop.  Nobody wants it back so the barber just sweeps it out of the way for anyone to take from the bin.

My rather traditional mind tells me that it probably came out of the word freedom. The hair is out of the cage, free to do whatever it wishes and maybe... just maybe... get out to hang out and do yoga.

Like this Ahso's hair right here:

I'm sure it hurts.

Now if you are done gawking or, like me, wonder how she could still manage a smile, do continue reading my babble.

Neverthemore, we should not spread the use of this term... this.. this 'free hair' terminabogger. Some Japs would come over and insist you, men and women of the free hair, surrender your hair and be more good looking like me.

Not to mention it sounds just awful (omg, i almost spell that 'aweful'). So don't use it. Specially here. I've mentioned it enough for you guys and gals of the most esteemed manners to last a few months. Thank you.

Didn't I tell you this post is almost totally pointless?


  1. to me, free hair tu maksudnye tak pakai tudung


    1. yes it does so mean that. i just wondered how it got to mean that.

      i hair free.

  2. yeah, pointless and awe-ful. just kidding

  3. They sell their hair? Really? That's it, I'm moving to Japan. Like today.

    1. yes, it's to make some of the wigs geisha wear. no wonder it looks so real eh?

      but i'm guessing at the price of their rent, u'd be balder than i be. :D

      oh and no, they don't want any other hair u might have.

    2. Bulu roma?

      My bulu roma sangat halus you almost kenot see :P

    3. tipulah. i boleh nampak from here. :p


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