Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Let Go

The theme song for this post is Life Goes On. Give me a small amount of drama for which the weight of the content of this post shall have. Or you can settle for Metalica's One whichever suits you best. Works fine.

I am currently experiencing something new in my life. I am being laid off by my current employer. So having said that, if you don't have 'Life Goes On' playing in the background as of now, I insist you have it heard in the background now. Really.

I'm fine, really.

The company's cashflow isn't all that healthy right now and that I know as truth as we... they... have been rather transparent about that. The second in command told me with the "There's some really heavy stuff I need to tell you" conversation and at first I thought it was a pay cut. The let go part came and most of the stuffs after that was me breathing deep and letting out slow. I officially got about 3 months to get another job. Unofficially it's try your best to get one  soonest.

Ya 'Aliim. Ya Haadi.

I did wonder why my home refinancing is taking so long (I applied on august last year and I be getting the cheque next week God willing). Timing eh?

Ya 'Aliim. Ya Haadi.

And the unifi guy didn't get back to my text asking how much it would be to get unifi into my crib. How things are planned for you.

Ya 'Aliim. Ya Haadi.

I was soon calling up my freelancing buddies. Telling them I am available for hire. I called some whom I haven't agreed to an offered freelancing job.  I said yes to that. So this will give me some 2 or 3 months life support.

Today I got a lead of a job from an old friend-kinda-more-to-mentor. He gave me a polished recommendation to which he cc'ed to me. Even I'm impressed with myself. hehe. It'll be back to traffic friendly KL and the re-induction into office politics. Those two I certainly don't miss from my last company.

rezeki kat mana-mana. The scare I feel is the unsure of how things will be and how it's going to affect others around me. huge changes are always scary.

 Need to read my past posts about hopes n stuff eh? ;)


  1. TD,
    somehow everything falls in place... being let go is part of His great plan for you. all the best !

    1. aye that. i take it as someone too scared to take a dive and someone had to push em to enjoy the heights and splash.


  2. Insyaallah, you will get through.

  3. Insyaallah, you will get through. There is always a silver lining ..just wait for yours.
    My dua is for you.


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