Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sucker For Hope

'every saint has a history, and every sinner a future'
I'm a sucker for hope. I take interest in those that, to us, is without hope. Those that has fallen deepest they could possibly be (and often deeper). In any context.

Financially, spiritually, emotionally, in lovely and any of the combinations you can imagine and not.

My dear friend, how many times have you experienced just when you thought you just couldn't bounce back (or even wanted to), things end up better. It isn't that bad anymore. Or simply the thing that you thought weight a tonne before, is hardly noticeable now?

You know there is a poem/prayer about this. Something in the line of

O Lord, let this darkness turn worst soon! For when it is darkest that Your light finally appears. When there is no other hope left to cling on besides Yours!

"It's in the line of" because I can't find the original poem and have to write something similar.

So this explains me having some tears watching the first few minutes of "the odd life of timothy green". The couple was practically without hope left when Timothy appeared. But it's how they were when they got the news is what touched me.

Anywayyyyyyyy. (wipes man tears away. pagi2 yawn banyak).

In a rather sudden twist due to time constraint and to hold back a wave of too many sentences and feelings in my chest right now, i'd just like to give one advice to end this post: When it is darkest, don't close your eyes and lay down. Keep them open, keep looking. We don't want to lose that small spark that could change your situation forever.

Don't lose hope. Keep them open.


  1. Watched Tim Green with the boyfriend. Memang nangis tak ingat punya. What touched me was when they have to let go something so beautiful in life, and that beautiful thing in life, it doesnt have to be perfect to be so beautiful.

    1. oh yess.. that part right there. hits a spot everytime.


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