Saturday, March 23, 2013

Terang Lagi Bersuluh

Properly lighted and then you highlight summore.

and oh.. this post has an abrupt ending.

I was at a barbecue yesterday and the host was using this new bought in UK made in China delivered to Malaysia Via Ship gas grill thingabob. Newly bought and on it's virgin grill (sounds like a scene from hensel and gretel kan. hehe).

It took awhile to figure out how the thing works and we managed to get it to 'just working'. We had no control over how intense the fire was and it was the first time anybody used a gas grill. It was also dark and the light outside was not as bright as we like.

Over the fire there's a cover with several holes to help focus the heat or something. We were worried the fire would go poof and create a scene from the movies where everything would dramatically go boom. So we tried looking several angle to make sure the fire's still there.

So datanglah engineer ni dengan lampu suluh nak try intai api tu ada ke tak.


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