Monday, April 22, 2013


I got my hands on this brutal exercise thingy called insanity. As the name suggests it is quite insane for my standards (couch potato). Very fast and makes u sweat like you've walked a mile under the desert sun.

Not that I've ever walked a mile under the desert sun but I imagine the sun is the same anywhere on earth.

It's roughly 20 minutes and I managed to get to 10 mins. Yey! _almost_ HALF!!

after that I was in the toilet puking every liquid in my tummy and felt like I was going to be mc'ed for the rest of the week. When I was feeling a bit better, i took a gulp of much needed drink and went for another bout of puke. Sambung buat2 pengsan dekat lantai again.

One would assume after seeing light at the end of some odd tunnel, a person would avoid another session altogether. but being the macho and.. oh u know.. just being me, I'm going to try it out again tonight. Hopefully after 60 days I look alive.

IF... if I don't decide to fall back to pilates. Which sounds so much pleasant after last night.


  1. From a couch potato to insanity? What a leap of errr insanity... Good luck! May you achieve a 'beach body' in 60 days!

    1. thanks!

      tp i budget survive dulu. body tu maybe i settle for riverbody je la dulu.


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