Monday, April 29, 2013

My Son,

"Consult your heart, even if people give you rulings, give you rulings and give you rulings!"
- Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)

"Oh my heart, trust in Allah, for He is the Giver and the Withholder And be content with what Allah has ordained, for to Him you will surely return

Knowledge is with Allah, and good is in what has come to be

Oh my heart, rise and rest, for the troubles of this world surely will not last Look, observe and comprehend, that which is ordained will come to be 

In submission you will find peace and know that what will be will be And he who makes strong his heart, will find in this world serenity"

Khalid Belrhouzi, The ballad of the content

We have high hopes for our kids. Even before they are born. Sometimes even before we're old enough to know how to make kids. :)

There is a certain helplessness you feel. A certain anguish. A certain fear. Those certain feelings come when what you dream seems to be made harder. Seemingly closer to impossible. It's an oddly intense feeling. For the dreams not meant for yourself. For the hopes you have for someone else. For someone you really care about.

It's just a small dream, a simple hope. All you want is that everything to be just fine. Tapi kalau ini pun macam jadi susah nak attain... you do feel your energy leaving you so quickly.

But we just gotta keep on dreaming, keep on hoping. Besides, it's not us that calls the shot. Be and it will be. Kun fayakun.

And often, it is the strength is given to the other person, our kids, the one whom our hopes and dreams are for. they surprise  us. They show us something that even we don't see coming. They pull off stuffs even we cant imagine.

Even that I have as a dream and hope.

Be fine, son. And always remember: Daddy loves you.

Sleep tight.


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