Monday, May 13, 2013

Cari Paedo

During the time when h1n1 was such a huge thing (still is, except that it got it mutated into bigger numbers), I was one of the fathers who end up on the road trying to find a hospital that could fit in one more sick child in their place.

My first is prone to fever those time and because of how he is during fever (can get sawan one), we always get worried when temperature isn't what it's supposed to be. It just so happens that during the worst of h1n1, he got one of his worst fever.

I remember that time, it was days after i took my oath with my sheikh.

From the government hospital, we were told the place was full. They wrote up a letter to a hospital of choice (I named a panel hospital) and off we go to KPJ kajang. I didn't know where it really was and taking directions at night was really hard. By the time I was in the proximity of the hospital, I was already in a horrible mood born out of worry and misdirections.

So we got to the hospital and I went in first with the letters to the counter.

"Kat sini ada paedo? Paedo?"

The nurses looked at me with a blank face and the more dignified side of my brain gave me a nudge and a poke to help me realize what I was looking for. But with a straight face and knowing these Malay nurses (racist jugak aku ni) doesn't have a clue at what I just asked for, I showed them the letter with a rather annoyed face.

And for this God in His wisdom slapped me with a lesson on humility.

The nurse read the letter, returned my annoyed look with her own and handed me back the letter. "Salah hospital la. KPJ lagi depan sana".

Ouch that hurts. dignity, thou shall not recover.

Dah la cari paedo, hospital pun tak betul.

parenting. haih.


  1. Replies
    1. shortened and mispell pedophile.

      haha. luckily u asked. i wouldn't notice.

  2. hahaha.
    I rasa orang sebut paed kan.

    1. yes cacah!

      to which i secretly wanted to do a double whammy facepalm when i realised it.

      makes a good memory though. :D

  3. Replies
    1. tsks right back at you.

      with some dots as bonus.


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