Monday, June 24, 2013


The worry based on prediction of an event that might or might not happen. - Nice definition, don't you think? Does give a new perspective to it.

Did you know, people used to think that if we go over 30 miles per hour we'll blow up. Can you imagine the mat rempits of those days on their motorcycle kapcai. The fear they felt  at the start of a race. Knowing they'd be going over the speed limit of the bicycle race back in good ol Kg New Zealand? "Bro, aku mintak maaf for any dosa aku ada kat ko. You've been such a good friend to me all this while. If I blow up, tell my mom I love her!" would probably be the things to say before the traffic light turn red (rempits... green for go is just too mainstream). And they ramp it up to 120kmph and wonder why they aren't they all over the place (yet).

Remember how we have these so many worries and feel like the world would just spit us out into the sun (or moon if u prefer an unremarkable splattery death over a glorious burning) and now today, we're just fine (relatively. at least not as miserable). Still breathing, doing work, groaning every morning and you know...  still a zombie in one piece.

And might I add, looking really alive for a corporate zombie there. *winks, smiles, and shoots u with both fingers*.

So stop worrying. Manage those fear. Stop being a seer predicting the end of the world every wednesday and live. Like you know, live. Put your trust in God. There's a lot to worry about but many.. many many many.. things that you don't worry about just doesn't happen despite the higher probability. Meteors haven't rammed on our heads, airplanes(RCs or Ori) doesn't fall off due to mechanical malfunction, babies sitting at the front doesn't loose his head because an airbag deployed (happened to a 3 year old, by the way. kids... stay at the back).

So worry less now, k!


  1. I am Scoliodentosaurophobia. If I see one in my house I freak out and can't even be near or in the same room where it is. It drives me nut. How can I worry less?

    But hey, Kg New Zealand is just a few miles away from my place. Do you know that?

    1. good example! scholiodentosaurophobia means u're afraid of a lizard that when looking at one swimming towards u, u predict it will come close to u and ask u the time.

      doesn't happen. now why nak takut?


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