Tuesday, June 11, 2013

On Happiness

Lemme let you in on a little secret: Unhappy people doesn't know what they need to make them happy.

tl;dr: do you know how you can be happy?

They might think they need thises and thatses or the whatnots and whenses. Even when they getses all of thoses, happiness is short and crave for more they will.

An introvert, such as yours never truly, might think that being in a cave with a laptop makes him or her happy. What smart people found out is that even when going out with friends, interacting with people... doing.. you know... stuffs... even introverts are happier.

I remember getting the one thing (then) I always(then) wanted. The happiness(?) is just then and there. Soon it was another thing amongst many other things in my room/house/mind. Another thing to take care of. Another thing to dust off every weekend (ok.. every two months).

Happiness wasn't in things.

So why am I so sad when I loose something? Or broke it? Or it gives me the blue screen of death (thank you windows 95).

The reason for my unhappiness is that I wanted only one side of a coin. Happiness is on one side of the coin and the other side of the coin are those that could break hearts: the not so fun stuff.

I want to be rich, but I didn't want the work I need to be rich (even harta pusaka pun tunggu parents mati. such a price that is!).

I want to be in good health, but I didn't like to leave the food I love so very much. Exercise? bah!

I want to be knowledgeable, but the books bore me so.

I want respect, but not respecting.

I want my blog read, but I don't want to post a story.

I want a good companion, but I already have one! (men and polygamy eh. pffft! *kidding!*).

Oh look at that list, neither of them promise happiness themselves. rich, health, knowledge, respect, blog (biah I am looking at you even if you're not reading this), good companion.

Happiness, you see, is a secret itself. I can't tell you what it is. for you in this world, your own happiness you need to find.


  1. nak degree, tapi tak nak tulis thesis.


    kebahagian itu satu rahsia.
    mcm bunyi iklan merepek.

  2. Happiness I believe is a state of mind. But it's so true kan, ada je we think that "something" if we have it, will make us happy. But semuanya momentari sahaja.

  3. was hoping to know the answer by the end of your entry :P

    *back to google*

    1. hehe. i cant answer that. but apparently there's a few tips.

  4. Replies
    1. means a lot from someone who found what he's looking for!

  5. hello brader... its not a secret laaa - just be grateful and you'll be happy. everyone knows that. tch!!!


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