Thursday, July 25, 2013


Life's been good. Feels good.

The only significant thing is that I took the advice of ignoring stuffs I don't like to read about. So I avoid watching the news, mute some friends on FB and focus more on the good stuffs in the net. Which is plenty, by the way. It's just got camouflaged in the jungle of bad news.

I remember some years back reading about a scientific study that said that the north pole is melting and we'd be underwater maybe somewhere around last year. Of course there's a chance that might not happen but it's like someone in the office telling you that the bowl you just bought could melt at room temperature after 3 days and blow up soon. nothing's kimpossible right?

Ok la. tu over skit la tapi you do get worried too. Imaginary pet cat left at home all alone and all.

Most of the 'bad' stuffs are like important stuffs too. Things that makes me feel rather guilty to ignore.
- "Oh the Malaysian future is in your hands so don't ignore this!!".
- "Oh some kids are eating in the toilet because them peeps is fasting!!".
- "You are all innovators!!"
- "boo aq ceraikan aq!"

On that last one... kill it! Kill it with fire!!

It's not that they are not important. It's just beyond me. Politics... we just had our election so don't bother telling me stuffs I can't do about till the next 4 years. Religious arguments... let's just come clean, if the Messenger would be ashamed how you made your arguments. The attitude is just disgusting.

And what is it about these people sharing gore pictures? War pics are fine (i mean.. they got a message to convey), but mati eksiden, mati kena langgar beskal budak2, badan belah dua tak mati lagi, mati idup balik, mati pucuk (paku). I'm still pissed at whoever shared Nurin Jazlin autopsy pics. That's just sick.

So out them all and suddenly I'm seeing friend's holiday pics, their catering business getting better, friends poking at each other, rude jokes, bad jokes, IT questions and stuff. There's also sad news, mom died, uncle died, friends died, broken relationships and you know... that stuff.

But I can do stuffs about that. I can chat them up a congratulations. I can text them a consolation. I can make sarcastic remarks. I can actually do something about it.

I guess that's what they meant with being blissfully ignorant eh?


  1. Repeat after me. TMI TMI TMI (Too much info). So yes it is good to tune out bad news, mute some people and filter what you see.

  2. Just like one of my closest friend talked about with me before, "lu tak payah peduli sama orang, lantak apa mau jadi pun kita remain silent and go on with our life like nothing"... Blissfully ignorant. Ah, such a refreshing remark, haha.

    1. much better than 'remarkably hopeless'.

      Prophet(s.a.w) did tell us to mind our business. so kira ikut sunnah la ni. :D


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