Sunday, September 29, 2013

Yemen and back

I was in Yemen for 20 days since early this month and was back a week ago.

Yemen was awesome.

It was summer when I got there and I assumed it would be dessert hot summer. Instead I was greeted with a cool morning temperature and I never left my hoodie or blazer going anywhere there. The only thing I needed to get used to was that it was also very dry. So yeah... it's like being in an airconditioned room 24/7.

3 weeks there I got to see some culture stuffs (weddings!), visit historical places (shopping!) and last but not least, eat (malaysians... eat eat and eat summore).

Oh, I even got sick there too. Which was kinda awesome because even the pharmacist didn't speak english.

The best part about Yemen is the people. They are reputed to be the gentle one of the arab nation and from what I see that holds true. You can get pretty attached to them because how they treat you over there. I feel like a VIP despite being just a bricklayer in the IT world.

I'll cover my visit in the next few posts. For now just a few pics.

And of course my apologize for not writing for awhile. Even I get a few writer block from time to time. But with this Yemen trip, I managed to get a few of them block out of my head. So I'll be seeing you guys soon.

and here's the pictures!

from the hotel entrance

vans are the bus. only the locals can drive here. we'd be totally stressed out.

The one night houses. They build a house here in one night.

Nice view eh?

random pic i took. it's something like this everywhere. difference would be if there be cars or no.


  1. finally, photos!

    did u get to go into 1 of the one-night houses?

    1. no worries, more pics coming soon.

      and no. i didn't even thought of going into one.

  2. TTD, did the pharmasist gave u the right medicine? :-) Seronoknya dapat pi tgk negara orang...

    1. that u'll find out in the next chapter of... the misadventure of a sober tea drinker!

  3. Ahh finally! There you are! Yes yes, blog updates please. Oh wait, trip update first.

  4. MasyaAllah..

    Untunglah dia ! .. :) patutlah terpanggil nak singgah blog.. :)
    Plan nak gi sini gak.. naik flight apa?

    1. welcome back!

      we took Qatar. it was pretty good. my colleagues said emirates is still the better choice.


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