Sunday, October 6, 2013

Yemen Series: Body Language

As it so happens, one does not simply got to a foreign country, gobble up foreign food, drink foreign spiced teas and expect the body to just be happy with it.

"And I definitely did ask Mr Esophagus, what is this green jellylike thingy that's crawling on my walls and he just shrugged I tell you! Manners!", complaint the Ms Intestine.

Jellylike thing was a culprit of most discomfort. I knew I was in trouble when I burped and *I* couldn't take it. The first couple of days it was just gas. Like I swallowed a germ's preschool that was having a birthday party with lots and lots of balloons at the time. On the third day, I had this really weird lamb liver sandwich (I don't eat organs, so it's weird for me) and I guess that was the last straw. The tummy went pfft and set the diarrhea level on full.

So after work I decided to go out to get some charcoal pills. Now I assumed that the pharmacist there would know a little english and I'd just go there and tell the dude I want some charcoal pills and be done. Alas, The guy at the counter couldn't understand what I was saying. I didn't have internet connection (data plans are just starting there too). Darn.

I rub tummy and made a sad face. The guy's face lit up with understanding and got me this:
good luck googling.
"For treatment of amebiasis & trichomoniasis". I checked all the 6 sides of the box and there was no 'diarrhea' written anywhere on it. Okay... amebiasis could mean some amoeba crawling up your 'stine. I had no idea what trichomoniasis. So I rubbed my tummy again only this time with a not so sad face and the dude nodded again.


I turned on the calculator app on the phone and let him key in the price there, paid and went back home and took my first dose.

Finally connected to the hotel internet, I googled those two things Senazol treats and I am glad amebiasis's description sounds something like cholera. I guess I took the right meds then! I was also happy to know that my imaginary vagina was getting treated for trichomoniasis as well. phew! two stones with one bird!

I mean, two birds with one stone.


And here's some more pictures!
them motorcycles could be modified for anything

the stone castle. more on this later.

raisins, raisins, raisins, sweets, nuts, and raisins.

the interior of the masjid as-saleh. this is facing the entrance.


  1. MasyaAllah that mosque is gorgeous,
    and you have good skill in photography too!

    1. oh. uh.*cough* that's from my colleague's camera. hehe.

  2. I couldn't help laughing when I read "imaginary vagina"! And yes, the mosque is so beautiful. If that's the entrance, I wonder how it looks like inside!


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