Sunday, December 29, 2013

Data is irrelevant!

I believe I am a man of logic. Flawed or no is a different matter. What matters is that when I stumble on something, I squint and pretend to ponder and then make up my mind on the thingy.

3.. 2.. 1... okay, people think i thought long and hard about it.
i didn't 'thought' so i just long and hard je.

It should also be noted that in my head, the word ponder sometimes get switched with 'pound'. Pound as in mace in hand and toy rabbits popping out the arcade game.

So there *is* some logic to what I conclude. It may just be a bit off. But it's still logical tau.

One of my not so new conclusions is that it doesn't matter if you're so logical... the world's inhabitants are, like you and me, not that logical.

We have a geography teacher pointing out where God is (lotso followers this one), a masters degree student telling people the astro disc is pointing towards Mecca, a generation of really smart kids who can't spell 'tidak' without an 'x' and 40,000 bangladeshi workers going missing at the same time and nobody seems to have any idea where these people went (thus 'missing'). The 'vera' joke is still funny though.

Do you have any of those illogical stuff in your head you keep holding on to? Maybe it's time to do some spring cleaning (ie... got to a place where spring actually happens and start relaxing a bit to clear ur head).

as for me, I'm happy with my mind. Messed up or not.


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