Monday, December 23, 2013

High Places

1) I had no idea there's a long drop if this thing breaks
2) this is what happens when the awesome sniper-zoom-lenses is in the bag with the dude beside me. camera-friend just clicks with what he has.

Dah basi cerita Yemen, I know.

I am usually afraid of heights. On that particular day I was 'brave' and was pretty agile during the outing. I jumped where people gasped and practically skipped at the edges.

It was probably the 3rd week in Yemen and I may have developed some suicidal thoughts. You try working 8am to midnight 3 straight weeks and see what you think off when you see high edges.

The place didn't have any safety stuffs installed so you might want to keep your kids close and tell them playing tag is a bad idea.

Hide and seek might also go to a new level.

Oh notice how green the place is. I still can't figure out how a place so relatively green get to be so dry.

Oh there's a place I didn't get to visit was a site of a story related in the Quran. The plot of land there was cursed black as night and nothing could grow on it. The story was that the land was very fertile. Plenty of fruits and the owner would invite poor people to share it's bounty.

Then it came a time the owner was dying and passed the plantation (or farm) to his kids. Being greedy of sorts, they decided to have the harvest a few days early so that when the poor come, there wont be much they could get.

To their surprise, the land became black. The trees and plants died. Nothing could grow. I think the sons were rather lucky, it was a harsh reminder but they were given time for repentance (which they did).

Friday prayers in the streets. This is how they do protests. There's a mosque about 200 metres away.

This is one of the things we wont find here. They'd bring along the pictures of those that had fallen during the last Arab spring they had. A few hundred metres away we have this:

Not sure who these guys side.

Pretty high calibre, huh?

There's a few posts like these throughout the place. It's either hilux with guns or an army dude with friendly looking automatics.

This is why I felt the short walk to the pharmacy seems scary. It's a mixed of dark unlit road, buildings full of grafitti and the general public allowed to carry weapons. That gives you an air of 'when something pops... duck quickly and paddle very fast'.

Still...strangely beautiful.


  1. WOW! u climbed that (what? mountain?)...seriously, beautiful scenery... and scary place too... still bergolak lagi kat sana ya? (nampak sgt x baca paper i ni....)

    1. i wished i climbed some mountain. it was a cliff. u just drive there and voila! scene comeiii.

      it's not as bad as we hear in the news. the rules of the thumb is to keep away from military and gov official housing areas. other places are pretty safe. (20 days no incident. safe la tu kan. hehe)


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