Monday, February 17, 2014

Familiarizing Me

No time? Skip to the fun part.

The company have this familiarization program for all new staff which is compulsory for them to take. If you missed the program for any reason, such as your boss says you're too busy, they'd put your name into the next session.

This is also true for the company retreat which they use to introduce the culture of the company and some team building activities.

I just had my familiarization this last weekend and it was a mix of fun and total alien environment thingy. Being a programmer do mean you're something of an oddball when your placed with a group of marketing execs and lecturers. Oh we do have a security guard in the group as well but she seems to have no trouble mingling.

So here's the fun part.

The Dean who gave the welcoming speech throws a crumpled paper randomly and asks the person to introduce himself and then he has to throw the paper to someone else and the other person will have to introduce himself. Repeat.

The first problem was the first person who got the crumpled paper didn't have hands.

The second problem was that I find it funny. I imagined myself in her shoes and felt how awkward it would have been that my practiced execution of an ice breaker falling apart for the very first time. You're not sure that saying sorry might actually offend the nice gentleman who might want to prove he can throw a curve even without hands or you should ask him to just try throw the paper to someone else and risk a 'dont you see I dont have hands?!' situation.

Oh the dilema.

Other part of the program was the usual talks, tours and some more talks. From what they say, it is a highlight that people here are given a lot of weight on their shoulders. I do wonder if familiarisation means they're making sure we become good familiars (kinda kebetulan sama cam good pets).

The End.


  1. err... awkward! how did the dean managed that situation, i wonder...

    1. she took the let him try to throw it but added the option 'or have someone throw it for you'.

      brilliant lady. (i still found it funny though)


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