Friday, February 28, 2014

Fast And Furious

During the familiarization program, I met this really cool prof. He's basically a multimedia dude (which means he does the things you see or hear) and stuff and at the core, as a colleague of mine noted, a geek. I'm not that kinda geek. He is. He even acts like one.

So during the familiarization program he wanted to tag along with me to a study center since he doesn't know the place and I do. No problem I said.

Off we go. My usual speed is 100km/h . In the morning it could go up to 140km/h on the MEX highway.

That day, we were going at 70km/h on the sungai besi highway.

I don't mind people tagging along, but usually when u tag along you try match the speed of the person you're following. It's fine if you're slower, the person you're following would try to get at a speed both is comfortable with. 70km/h is the speed we are both comfortable with because if I go any faster than that he wont follow.


So reaching the place ahead of the group bus and behind expected arrival time in my head, we sat down with some of the other persons who decided to go by themselves. We were talking about when the bus and arrive and guessing how fast they would go and stuff.. u know, just to fill in the time... then the geeky Prof said... "Usually I drive slow and relax, but today since I'm following someone, I had to drive really fast".


I angguk je la. but my head was buzzing with activity trying to figure out... if 70kmph is fast... how fast is 'slow and relax'?



  1. 70kmph on d highway??? i'd sleep while driving... 90kmph bleh tahan lagi...

  2. 70km/h is fast? Biar betul. Slow and relax should be about 50km/h kot? Lately that's my speed driving back to hometown (well, between 60 to 80km/h) - bcuz of my mom's epilepsy. Coffee keeps me going :)


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