Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lost In Google Translation

Another Yemen trip story here. Rather short one. ;)

I think I mentioned that the team to Yemen is made out of 2 gals, me and a guy colleague. It was the first time for me and my dude colleague to go to Yemen but these 2 gals had a few more trips in their book. This helped a lot when shopping for stuffs (they know arabic numbers and haggle like a ninja. women and shopping).

So back to the story. None of us brought any travel clothes iron and while I wanted to bring mine, I forgot about it and left it back home. None of us knew what that thing is in arabic so as usual the gals went to google translate and tried that. They got the word, called the receptionist and asked for whatever written on the google translate site.

The Receptionist probably said something like 'OOh? OOooOOooo ok ok. we'll send soon' or the like.

A moment later one of the hotel dudes knocked on the door and gave them those wire cloth hangers.

Clothes Iron->Besi Baju->Hangers. totally makes sense.

We finally got the right one after including body language into the translation.


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