Saturday, March 15, 2014

Keep on planting

I try to avoid depressing news. You know... earth shattering event news. Yes this could be a very depressing post.

I try to avoid but I couldn't ignore warnings about one of man's greatest trial: the Dajjal.

A Yemeni scholar has sent warning to start preparing. The wordings he used (at least from the translation) had that sense of urgency in it. I used to read similar warnings from other scholars as well. Their words were usually, 'its close'. This one gave me such dread and fear. I fear for my 2 boys. They're just kids. Why must it be this soon?

So I did the only thing I could. I talked about what's coming. At least of what I remembered about him.

There would be a worldwide famine, massive deaths of plant and animal life, and time would slow down to a crawl. The week which he walks the earth would seem like years. As people go hungry and desperate, he would walk the earth with his version of heaven and hell on his shoulders. He would walk with a river of fire on one side and a river of water on the other. A mountain of bread would follow him as a bait so that the starved people acknowledge him as god.

I told my kids... deny him that.

Say no to the bread. Dip your head into that river of fire and drink from it. For truthfully, it is water. Deny him. Be thrown into his hell because after that God's mercy will be on you, the deceiver's hell will be made to feel like heaven.

Let your body be split in two. You skin be flayed off. Deny him what he wants.

"Tak sakit ke?", the firstborn asked when I told him to dip his head into a river of fire (and then drink from it). I don't know. Hopefully no.

When I talked to them, it didn't feel like you just gave the answer to some important exam. "Oh he'll be fine. He knows all the answers now!". Not like that at all. What I told them was probably something of the climax of the story. In movies, the climax are usually short and dramatic but what takes time is those stuffs that build the storyline. I am guessing many wouldn't get to see the climax.

A great trial for us indeed.

Of course, there is never a huge test without mercy in it. So here's the preparation...

The Prophet (pbuh) told us that reading the first and last 10 verses of al-Kahfi in Friday will help us get through if he comes out that week. The Yemeni scholar, in his warning told us to read it every night in preparation.

Haih, macam mana la anak2 daddy ni nanti. (sighing in your mother tongue does give it a bit more umph no?).

If you were in the middle of planting a date seed and you saw the end of the world coming... don't stop, plant that seed. - roughly the saying of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h).


  1. Replies
    1. always sedey one. but keep on planting.

      life does go on and the inevitable is as it is.

  2. Ya Allah, selamatkan kami dari fitnah hidup dan mati, selamatkan kami dari fitnah dajjal, selamatkan kami dari siksa kubur,dan selamatkanlah kami dari siksa api neraka....Amin...

    Indeed, dah dekat sgt dgn akhir zaman....


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