Monday, March 17, 2014

Pick Hair

In  Yemen, beggar syndicate is pretty common. They have a network of their own identifying possible gullible persons. You give to one, expect a whole army to come by. They'd tag along the marked man like he is Midas.

Except Midas is giving out paper money instead of gold coins.

One fine day we were at the market just not really minding our business when we came upon a 5 or 6 year old girl eating off from scraps left by some of the shoppers there (they eat at the ground and leave whatever there and later clean it up when they want to go back)

Come to think of it, I wonder if I've told this before... oh nevermind. Let's continue.

My good friend looked at her and remarked... oh pity this girl! (in Malay of course, but English has that dramatic effect we all love in movies). "Oh pity this girl" and that's about it. No handout or anything. He just continues walking.

Drama kan.

And then came Friday and like the usual, we went to the mosque at noon for Friday prayers and there's like a whole bunch of beggars there too. There's this particular beggar, which we can see despite the purdah she wears, a very verrryyy pretty one. She brought her daughter(?) along too and from her daughter's looks, we assumed her hair was light brown. Memang cantik lah.

She came to us for a handout and without a word this colleague of mine (looking rather sheepishly) handed her a nice amount. Nice enough for her to sound so very happy about it. (nice voice too).

I rolled my eyes but I am grateful for this. I now have a laughing stick to poke at him once in  awhile.


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